AdRoll: performance per campaign


When pulling data from AdRoll, we get the performence (clicks, impressions, conversions, etc) at the ad level. Anyone managed to get the performance by campaign ?



Hi Quentin,

Although I haven’t worked with AdRoll data personally, based on the schema supported by Stitch’s AdRoll integration, it looks like you may be able to group data from the adroll_ad_reports by campaign through your destination-side queries if:

  1. the adroll_ad_groups table includes a field containing an Ad Id value in the adroll_ad_groups__ads sub-table and
  2. the adroll_campaigns table includes a field containing an Ad Group Id value in the adroll_campaigns__adgroups sub-table

This is assuming your destination does not support nested arrays and these attributes have been de-nested, though if you’re using a destination that does support arrays, they would be nested fields.