DCM Integration: Floodlight Activities Supported?

I noticed that the DCM (Campaign Manager) data loaded by Stitch doesn’t include the activities (Floodlight post-tracking), although I configured it in the DCM report. Does anybody know if it is possible to get this data?

Many thanks!

Hi Christian,

Since Campaign Manager is a Community Integration, any bug reports or feature requests related to the functionality of the integration should be submitted as an Issue on the Github repository for the integration, which is available here.

Providing any relevant Log lines from the Extraction Logs page within Stitch and a brief summary of the behavior, as well as any additional context you have surrounding its occurrence, will be helpful for any community members who move to address the issue, and Stitch’s engineering team periodically review issues and pull requests opened on Singer repositories as well.

If you haven’t already, I’d also recommend reaching out to the Singer community directly within the Singer Slack group to see whether any other community members working with this integration have encountered similar behavior.