Discrepancy between rows billed and actual rows in destination


I’m using the pipedrive connector in stich to sync pipedrive data with postgres. The sync worked fine for about 2 months, but last month there was a very high replicated row count, around the 1.2 million. Looking into the integration the table ‘deal_products’ was the culprit. The strange thing is that the total amount of rows in the destination table of ‘deal_products’ is around 5000, while the replicated row count is a few orders of magnitude bigger.

What could be causing this discrepancy? Our data volumes haven’t changed much in the last months.

Per the docs, deal_products table is always full-table replication. If you’re replicating that table frequently, that could drive up your row count.

If that doesn’t sound like the answer, you might try contacting our support team.

Thanks for your reply, I didn’t see that deal_products used full-table replication. Doing the math I get a figure that comes close to the row count.