Existing Xero integration to Big Query has created new columns e.g. total__nu


We have an existing integration running, from Xero to Big Query. At some point recently it created new columns and started loading data into them.

For example on the invoices table there is a total column, as described in the Stitch schema doco. On some rows that still has amounts. But for most new invoices, the total column shows null and amounts expected in the total column instead appear in a new total__nu column.

That pattern appears to repeat for every numeric column, across every table.

For now we are scrambling to stitch our data back together downstream (it has effectively broken all our reporting), but we’d like to understand how this happened and if it will happen again?


Hey Tyler,

This sounds indicative of data type splits which may have resulted from this update in December.

While customers were notified about this via email, you should reach out to Stitch support via in-app chat or email (at support@stitchdata.com) if you have any questions about resolving this behavior and they can clarify the cause and provide resolution steps.