Freshdesk integration not working since 2019

HI, i have had a problem with the Stitchdata freshdesk integration since last year. the error is {“code”:“access_denied”,“message”:“You are not authorized to perform this action.”}. however if i use the freshdesk API directly from my local machine via CURL with the same API key that i uploaded to stitchdata i dont get this error. Does anyone have any idea how to get this integration working again? thanks

I see you’ve asked the question in the Singer Slack workspace. That’s probably a better place to get an answer.

Hi I have not had any reply on the slack group. I have put the question on #random because there is no thread for tap-freshdesk. Have you got any suggestions how to get a response?

I don’t. I checked the tap’s GitHub repository, hoping to find a developer name, but it’s not clear to me who the experts are. I suggest contacting Stitch support via the pink icon on the bottom right of any Stitch page, explain what you’ve done so far, and ask if they can point you toward someone who knows the code.