Get Facebook ads transformed data

We are using stitchdata to get data from Facebook ads data to Google BigQuery warehouse. We retrieved tables like ads, ads_insights, campaigns, adcreative etc. How can I get transformed data like ad, clicks, impressions, reach, spend amount, leads count etc? Which table & fieldset can provide me these details?

I searched for this and on that basis I have collected data like impression, click, reach, lead count but if compare that data with Facebook ad manager then there is a big difference. Can anyone help to get the correct data.

+1 We have the exact same challenge - we would like to get the data like “landing_page_views” count of “offsite_pixel_leads” etc

It seems possible using the ads_insights table and using the dimension of “actions.actions_type” and one of the “actions” metrics. Yet the numbers just don’t make any sense.

I am doing the filtering with data studio.

Interestingly enough, the spend, impressions counts are accurate

(I have already removed the attribution duplicate batches)