Google cloud mysql configuration

Going from the docs:

It states to use ‘<stitch_username>’@‘localhost’. Besides this error from using ‘localhost’:

1285 MySQL is started in --skip-name-resolve mode; you must restart it without this switch for this grant to work

What I was getting on the tap connector was:

2020-10-26 21:41:17,121Z tap - INFO Backing off connect_with_backoff(...) for 0.7s (pymysql.err.OperationalError: (1045, "Access denied for user 'stitchdata'@'' (using password: YES)"))

That IP address is from the whitelist that stitch provides. I changed everything from ‘localhost’ to ‘%’ and it is working, but how are people connecting from localhost? It would be nice if we had a single IP to unblock and we could create specific IP restrictions for user/grants, but I don’t know how to attach CIDR blocks to a user or otherwise (are others using cloud sql proxy, etc.). Looking for best practice.

@brianz, sorry for the late reply. I would encourage you, if you haven’t already, to get in touch with our support team via or the support icon in the lower right of the Stitch screen.

well, i got it working as I said, but the docs just look wrong and thought maybe the community was more active. I don’t need any support on this. Cheers.