Google Search Console Data


How do I get Google Search Console Data using Stitch


Stitch supports more than 90 integrations, but we don’t currently have an integration for Google Search Console. However, we have several ways you could get one:

Using Stitch’s Import API

If building and maintaining a script to retrieve and push data from Google Search Console is feasible for you or your team, Stitch’s Import API integration can be used as a receiving point for JSON or TRANSIT posts that would then be loaded to the destination warehouse connected to your Stitch account.

Singer Development

Stitch also works with integrations built as part of our open source project Singer.

Singer includes a specification that allows integrations to be built by anyone, and our team provides support to members of the community who want to contribute code to the project via the Singer Slack group.

Any community built integrations can also be submitted by their creator to our team for review and potential inclusion in Stitch as a Community Integration using this form. Otherwise, integrations can be run within your infrastructure with the Stitch target and directed toward an Import API integration within your account.

If you or a member of your team is interested in building a Singer integration, for Google Search Console or otherwise, I would recommend checking out our getting started guide, and bringing any development-focused questions to the Singer Slack group.

Sponsored Development

If this is especially time-sensitive or building an in-house solution isn’t feasible for your team, Stitch’s Enterprise plan can include arrangements for the development of custom integrations that are built to ensure your requirements are met.

If Stitch’s Enterprise plan sounds like something your team would be interested in, I can have a member of our sales team reach out to discuss your team’s use case in more detail and provide more information surrounding the benefits of our Enterprise plan, as well as what pricing would look like for an agreement that includes sponsored development of a Google Search Console integration that meets your team’s requirements.


Thanks for the information. I was checking in case somebody was already working to submit this. It also validates what we already started doing with your start up plan where in case of wootric , we did see that a singer tap existed but it did not work out well with new python builds for some reason as the tap configuration is quite old. So we developed a Lambda function to target Stitch Import API construct and ensure that we get same tap to target effect.

I also did like to talk to your enterprise sales team to understand better how does the enterprise plans work.

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Hi @adwivedi, you can fill out our call request form and a member of our Enterprise sales team will follow-up to discuss your use case and answer any questions you may have about our Enterprise plan.


Thanks done , will wait for a response from your . We are currently using Stitch for Zendesk and Wootric. Our Wootric implementation though does not use standard tap , as we were finding compatibility issues while running it as python builds. We made lambda architecture posting to stitch API