How to build a content analytics dashboard using Stitch, Google Analytics & Tableau

Hi everyone,

I recently wrote a detailed guide on how to use Stitch with Google Analytics and Tableau to build a really powerful content analytics dashboard.

I shared this post on Twitter and Lee from Stitch suggested I join the community and post a link to it here. You can find the full post here -

Main takeaways from this project:

*Working with GA data is a lot more complicated than I originally thought. I got stuck for hours trying to get my numbers to match the reports in the web interface. In the end the unique user calculations are done badly.

*Once you connect your individual post meta data to your GA data you can do incredible things. Tableau is awesome for this kind of work.

*If you’re working in content marketing then the approach I took should be seriously considered. My dashboard makes it easy to track organic traffic growth trends by post.

I’d love to hear your feedback.


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