Integration of Recents endpoints from pipedrive to postgreSQL

Hi all,

I am trying to capture the endpoints of Recents from pipedrive in the postgreSQL i.e the data in the below link!/Recents

Could you please guide me how to achieve this?

Best Regards,

Hi Varun,

The Pipedrive integration is a Community Integration, which means it was developed by a member of the Singer open source community and the code to run it is publicly available.

While Singer Community Integrations such as this one can be run within Stitch, they are not actively supported by Stitch.

To request support for this integration or to make feature requests (such as requests to include additional endpoints), you can open an “issue” on the integration repo or contribute to the code yourself by creating a pull request.

If you or your team is interested in collaborating with other members of the Singer community on an issue or integration, you can check out the Singer getting started guide here and join the Singer Slack group here. Aside from members of the Singer open source community, developers from Stitch’s team who are familiar with the Singer specifications actively participate in the Singer Slack channel to assist with development.