Intercom integration: how to contribute?

According to current documentation, it looks like exporting Intercom events isn’t part of current integration.

Given current integration is incomplete, what would be the next steps to fix this? Would a PR with events schema (to accompany what’s already there) be welcome by StitchData team?

As a matter of fact, it seems like pulling events may not be as straightforward as calling the same API endpoint in a loop changing the value of page parameter.

Events are accessed on a per-user basis, e.g. one needs to provide ?type=user&user_id=... GET parameters to every request. An extraction algorithm would have to look like this (pseudocode follows):

for each user (yes, each available user):
  1. pull his events
  2. filter events that are newer than X
  3. send events to destination
  4. take latest event's creation date, save it as X

This is far from being trivial.

Stitch/Singer is in the process of releasing a new Singer Intercom tap.

We looked at events as another potential endpoint when creating this new tap for Intercom. However, not all Intercom subscriptions give access to this endpoint and it is limited to the last 90 days.


Hey Eugene,

When Stitch first built the stable version of our Intercom integration, Intercom’s team did not provide Stitch permission to retrieve event data, so that endpoint wasn’t included in our currently supported version of the integration.

That being said, there’s an open-sourced Singer version of the integration in testing now, which you can find the repository for here in case you’re interested in contributing to the integration.

For future reference, PRs against our documentation repositories aren’t really a good way of logging feature requests, but if you reach out to our support team through in-application chat or via email, we can always log those requests with our Product team.

Thanks, folks! I didn’t know Singer is a thing, looks promising! Noted on the contribution.

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