Is there an easy way to fill a gap in my data?

I am currently using Stitch to get data from a few RDS Postgres databases via an SSH tunnel. After we got the tunnel working, we got the initial data load of our tables. We were planning on using log-based replication via a replication slot on Postgres. Unfortunately, we discovered that many of Postgres databases were on version 9.4, which doesn’t support all of features needed for Stitch to use log-based replication.

So there was a gap of a few weeks while waiting for the databases to be upgraded to a newer version of Postgres. Once that happened, our extractions started working and were getting the data.

But it seems Stitch did not go back to the initial data load and fill in the missing data, so we have a gap. I’m assuming it’s because Postgres had no replication slot, and so it erased the transaction logs.

Is there a simple way to have Stitch fill in the gaps?