Is there any way to connect to read replica in google cloud sql?

Hi, I’m trying to use stitch to connect to google cloud sql replica, but it does not provide read replica with bin log. And I don’t want to connect to master node because of load concern. Do we have some workarounds?

Hi Liu,

This is actually a feature limitation of PostgreSQL, where PostgreSQL doesn’t currently support performing WAL functions (necessary for log-based replication) on replica instances (in “standby mode”).

This bug report in the PostgreSQL community forum shows that the community was at least evaluating changes to support this functionality at one point, though based on the release notes for PostgreSQL 11, it doesn’t appear that this limitation has changed as of yet.

If that functionality changes within PostgreSQL in the future, Stitch’s integration would inherently support log-based replication from a replica instance, though until then, connecting to the master instance is a hard-requirement for using this replication method.

Have you found a solution to connect to read replica in google cloud MySQL?

Nope. Still using main instance.