Issue integrating with Amazon S3 (access denied)

I’m having issues with integrating with S3. We’ve setup the role and policies exactly per instructions a few times, but the when stitch tries to connect to our bucket it get’s an error of “access denied” when trying to assume the role. From what I’ve read in the amazon documentation we’re supposed to supply stitch with the “Role ARN” as part of your connection parameters. However, I don’t see anywhere to supply this?

See #4 in the link below.

What am I missing?


Hello John,

I am not sure from your message, but I’ll assume you mean the S3 CSV integration, instead of the S3 destination in Stitch.

Just to make sure we are talking about the same instructions, you’ll want to follow these instructions here.

As long as you are copying the IAM policy verbatim from the integration’s settings page (this should be an expandable JSON snippet), you should be all set.

An access denied message is the raw response Stitch received from your Amazon S3. So this may indicate that the policy was incorrectly created for your Stitch S3 role. At any rate, if you still have trouble, feel free to reach out to Stitch Support at or the chat bubble in-app.

We would be happy to help.


Hi Matt,

Thanks, yes I was referring to the S3 CSV integration, I should have clarified. Yes, we are copying/pasting the IAM policy from the integration screen exactly. I’ll try again and follow up with support if I have issues.