Marketo Email Data

I’m working to get email performance data out of Marketo via Stitch and am running into some discrepancies, so I figured I’d check here if anyone had experience trying to get the below via Stitch. I had sent my needs to others that recommended Stitch’s integration and the activities_{activity_type} tables for:
Email clicks, opens, bounces, sends, delivers, unsubscribes w date and email name
(activities_opens_email, etc.)

It seems that my historical load has completed and now I’m getting updated/new rows, but when I’m trying to look at aggregate data (whether by date range and/or email name) I’m seeing numbers way off from Marketo’s reports (either counts above or below Marketo’s by thousands). I will also be checking with Marketo support, but I’m curious if I’m using the right tables to get to strictly email performance data. Since they’re explicitly called out in the ‘tables to replicate’ section and seem straight forward, I’m hoping this is some Marketo issue…

Any help appreciated!