Mysql data load took quite awhile


I am trying out Stitch Data for the first time. I set up a mysql integration quite easily, which was great. And then my job ran successfully at 14:41 … but some tables didnt land in my Snowflake till 14:54 … i was super confused for those ~13 minutes cause it was success on Stitch side, but i didn’t see the data for awhile. Then i saw that in Stitch there is a ‘data loading’ tab that shows that it needs to load the data.

Anyone know why it takes so long or what’s going on? It was 5 tables. 3 of them < 2000 rows, and the other 2 tables were < 100 rows.

My guess is that Stitch has a queue maybe? i can’t imagine the “loading data” could take that long for so few rows (or loading from some sort of real life scenario of CRM or DB would take ages).


Hi there,

Stitch’s replication process consists of three distinct steps: extraction, preparation, and loading. Each of these occurs independently, and each step is explained in a bit more detail on this page of Stitch’s documentation in case you haven’t reviewed it.

As data is prepared for loading, Stitch’s loaders cycle every 15 - 20 minutes on average looking for fully prepared data that can begin loading to a warehouse, so a period of 13 minutes or so is (very) slightly above average performance.


Thank you Dylan!

I read the link you sent and a few of the pages in the docs. I didn’t see the info about the “Stitch loaders” anywhere.

Curious, is that the case just for free users or also for paid ones? I guess this is something that could be optimized by Stitch, where once prep is ready it can trigger the load phase. i can’t imagine a enterprise customer not asking for such already.



Hey there,

This is not something that’s influenced by subscription plans, as Stitch does not throttle or prioritize replication for customers regardless of pricing.

However, Stitch does offer product SLAs as part of an Enterprise plan, so if that’s something you might be interested in, you can fill out our call request form and a member of our Enterprise sales team will follow-up.

If you have additional questions about Stitch’s replication process that we could help to address, I would recommend reaching out to Stitch support through in-app chat or via email at