Posgres: how to modify SSH Tunnel port?


I couldn’t create a SSH tunnel. Error “connection refused”. I think the problem is that stitch uses random numbers as remote ports – 53590 in this case. However my Postgres host only allows specific ports, 62009 e. g.


Any idea how to modify this port?


Hey there,

Users specify the SSH port that should be used during connection processes, which is outlined in more detail in Stitch’s documentation on SSH tunnel configuration, and there’s a few different guides available here depending on what type of destination you’re connecting (eg, self-hosted or third-party hosted).

As a heads up for future reference, the best way to get support for your Stitch account will be to reach out to our support team through in-application chat or via email at stitchsupport@talend.com, where our support team can assist you between 8 am and 8 pm ET Monday through Friday.