Problems with facebook ads info

Hi, I’m looking for information from my customers, and I’m having trouble finding purchase value metrics to calculate ROI and ROAS.

Where can I find this information?

Have you collected the ‘actions’ and ‘action value’ selections within any of the ad, adset or campaign insights tables? That’s where you’ll find the count of link clicks, purchases, etc. per whichever breakdown you choose, and the value of those actions respectively. It’s nested within the insights tables, so you’ll need to join them to get spend and revenue in the same calculations.

Hi, I tested with the “ads_insights_age_and_gender” table, but the columns of ‘actions’ and ‘action value’ do not bring me any reality values.

Does it only work for the tables you quoted?

Hi Frank,

Personally I pull the platform and device tables, however they should link up regardless of the breakdown. Are you joining the tables on all _sdc_source_key… columns? Additionally, make sure you’re comparing the same attribution window in what you’re pulling and what you’re reporting in ads manager.