Replicating data columns with null values

I have an enddate column in one of my tables that currently has null values. I need to have that column replicated to my destination. Is there a way I can make that happen?

When Stitch replicates your data, it uses the column’s data type to determine how to correctly store the data in your data warehouse. If a column only contains nulls, Stitch can’t infer the correct data type or store the data properly.

One possible workaround: Enter a placeholder value in that column in one row of the table. That will cause the column to start replicating, using the data type of the placeholder.

Why isn’t it possible to create the column just from the schema definition read before loading the data.
It seems Stitch knows the type of the column when you’re trying to configure the tables to be replicated.

SolarIntegration column is all null values, but its type is correct.

Hey @hasanj ,

Records persisted to Stitch’s infrastructure go through JSON schema validation once they reach our Import API (used to receive all records extracted or sent to Stitch).

This additional validation is then incorporated into our loaders’ processes surrounding creation or modification of destination-table structures, and is used in case of situations where an invalid value or a multiple datatypes exist in a field, whether intentional or unexpected (such as the situation outlined in this section of documentation).

As a heads up for future reference, the best way to get support for your Stitch account or inquire about product functionality is to reach out to our support team through in-application chat or via email at, where our support team can assist you between 8 am and 8 pm ET Monday through Friday.