Replication of Salesforce Tables from Production to BI DB



We have a couple of salesforce tables in our production database which we are attempting to replicate into our BI Database. We started of using ‘Key based Incremental Replication’ with ‘systemmodstamp’ as the replication key.

Lately we have been noticing that some of the data in some of our rows has not been synced properly ie. some of the column data in some rows are stale.

I am not sure if ‘systemmodstamp’ is the right Replication Key for these salesforce tables to ensure that replication captures both newly created rows and Updates to existing rows.

I attempted to use full table replication for these tables but had the same problem and in addition not all rows in the source table were replicated to destination table.

We are evaluating Stitch for our replication needs and this is a bit concerning for us. I want to know if we are using the right replication keys for Incremental Replication and why some of the row data is not replicated even when using full table replication for these tables.

I would appreciate any help on this issue.




Hey Sam!

Thanks for posting to the community. This seems like a question where the answer may depend on a number of factors. I would recommend reaching out to Stitch Support at or the chat bubble found in the lower right corner of the app.

It’s noteworthy that Stitch automatically detects replication keys for Salesforce integrations, there’s no need for you to change that. Stitch support should be able to help diagnose this discrepancy you’re experiencing.