Terraform provider?

Not an “integration” in the Sttich Data sense but is there any chance there might be a Terraform plugin in the pipeline? We are currently managing some of our BigQuery configuration with Terraform and getting the replication configs into terraform would be really useful!

We use terraform to manage infrastructure for Stitch, and this sounds like a great idea.

While we don’t have a terraform provider in our roadmap right now, we expect to open up API access for end users in the coming months, which should enable anyone to create a terraform provider based on the API.

We’ll track this feature request, but the fastest path to getting this built may be to do it yourself or work with another member of the Stitch community to build it once the API is available.

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Sounds good, I was working in Terraform all day and didn’t think to ask “where is the API so I can try to build a Terraform provider” instead. I’ll keep an eye on this thread, thanks!

Any update on this as some month as passed since the message saying “we expect to open up api access for end users in the coming month” :slight_smile:

Being able to programmatically configure sources and destinations would be a huge sell for us.