Toggl data in Google Dataé Studio through Google BigQuery


I’m trying to connect Toggl to Google Data Studio through Google BigQuery.
I followed this tutoriel:

The integration is done: I collect data from Toggl and push them to BigQuery and I can see my tables in Google Data Studio.
The issue is that my tables don’t contain the data I want (user name, client name, task name, tag name…) but only INTEGER and TIMESTAMP data:

Many thanks for you help

Are those the only columns you see in BigQuery? The _sdc columns are ones that Stitch adds — they don’t come from Toggl. Have you set the tables and columns you want to replicate? If you haven’t done so already, check out the documentation at If you don’t find an answer there, you can ask about the integration in the Singer Slack workspace; Toggl is a community-supported integration.

Hi @lee_stitch,

Thank you for your answer.
I did everything in the tutorial: integration, tables to replicates… but still empty.

I can’t post on the Slack because I don’t have a email: how can I have one?

Many thanks,

Hmm. I thought the Singer Slack was open to everyone. I just sent you an invitation to join.

Hello @lee_stitch,

I found where was the issue.
When I checked the tables, it imports only the Stitch data, not Toggl. I had to click on the table itself and checked the Toggl subtables.

Very small details but huge impact :slight_smile:

Now it works!

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