Trying to connect to a hosted database

I’m trying to use Stitch to connect to a hosted database, my hosting provider uses a self-signed SSL certificate. But my connection keeps timing out with a handshake exception :thinking_face:!

Can anyone suggest an explanation, or the steps I should take to debug? I always like to check on the forums before I contact support. TIA

Hi Will,

I’m facing the same issue as well. Were you able to find a solution?

Hello Andrea,

Stitch does not currently support self signed SSL certificates.

What database hosting provider are you trying to connect with Stitch?


Hi Elijah,

I’m trying to connect to a DocumentDB instance on AWS. The instance is set up to only allow self-signed SSL certificates. As I understand, there is no provision for a native DocDB integration in Stitch right now.

Hello Andrea,

Correct-- Stitch does not currently have an explicit DocumentDB integration.

You may be able to use the MongoDB integration, though you’d need a CA signed certificate, and this isn’t something that has been tested by us.