Unintended Full Table Sync - SQL Server Change Tracking

I had an unintended full table sync, which caused my row count to spike in one day more than what normally we do in a month.

The only clue I see in the extract logs is: 2020-08-24 08:03:50,738Z tap - WARN CHANGE_TRACKING_MIN_VALID_VERSION has reported a value greater than current-log-version. Executing a full table sync…

The change tracking seems just fine on SQL Server. Retention period is set for 2 days, there was no lag in processing, we didn’t do a restore on the DB or anything.

Anyone working in SQL Server run into this issue? Is there a way to see what stitch has as the “current-logged-version”?

Anyone suggest ways to get a better response from stitch support? Is there a better process than the chat function when you’re logged in?