Upgrading my Redshift cluster


I’m upgrading the endpoint host on my Redshift cluster, which is configured as my destination in Stitch. How can I change the destination endpoint to the new, more powerful Redshift cluster and have everything continue as normal?


Hi George,

If I understand correctly you will be upgrading your Redshift cluster which will be a snapshot of the current destination configured within Stitch?

If so, you’ll want to do the following:

  1. Pause active integrations
  2. Verify that their are no rows preparing to load.
  3. Use Stitch’s native change destination feature, within the Destination tab, with the option to replicate new data or replicate historical data.

Sounds like you are interested in not re-replicating historical data, if so you’ll want to select the option to replicate new data.

I should note that Stitch will not delete or transfer any data from your current destination. To get historical data into your new destination, you’ll need to queue a full re-sync of all your integrations.

The other option would be to manually copy the existing data in your warehouse and then back-fill the new destination with the historical data.

Finally un-pause integration once this is complete.

I should also mention that do to the continuous nature of Webhook integrations some webhook data may be lost.

I would recommend reading our guide to switching destinations here as it outlines the prerequisites and considerations to take into account.