What data warehouse are you using?

What data warehouse does your organization use? Why did you adopt that one? How do you like it? What would you change about it if you could?

I’m using Google BigQuery. I’m in no way a DBA but I’m loving BigQuery, especially because it is so easy to use.

We use a mixture of Postgres and BigQuery.

I absolutely love Postgres as a data warehouse.

We use Foreign Data Wrappers to link out to a variety of other systems, some of which are tricky to get data into and out of. The FDW’s are used to truncate and load data into staging tables in the warehouse.

Recently started using BigQuery. The Hubspot tap recently completely stopped working with Postgres as a destinationdue to Hubspot having out of the box Property names that exceed postgres 63 character identifier limit. So, we now have BigQuery as our Stitch destination. In our postgres warehouse we have FDW’s pointing to BigQuery Views. Then we do “create table as select * from fdw_bigquery_some_view” and now we have a local postgres copy of hubspot data. This was obviously a pretty “big hoop” to jump through.

That said, I am really liking BigQuery. It’s quite performant! I also appreciate their Standard Sql as well. I enjoy working with databases that try to stay close to the sql language specifications.


Hi Chadical,

I was wondering if you ever ran into the issue of stitch and bigquery returning an inaccurate count of contacts based custom fields from hubspot. This is something that I am experiencing, and is usually in the form of returning contacts whose custom fields haven’t updated (even though the refresh rate for stitch has well passed) or duplicate contacts.

This issue has me at a loss so I’m reaching out to anyone who has used hubspot + stitch + bigquery successfully so pardon me if this seems random!!


Ali, this could have something to do with the append-only nature of our BigQuery, or it could be something else. I suggest you open a conversation with our support team – they can troubleshoot with you.