WorkFlowMax Integration (Xero Product)

Hi Stitch. Cool product. Any plans to integrate with Xero’s full project system, WorkflowMax?

We don’t have any current plans for a WorkflowMax integration but we use feedback/requests like yours as input towards our future prioritization. Can you provide some additional information about your use case for the integration and what data you’d expect to see from an integration?

If you are looking for an immediate solution, you can build integrations using the open source Singerframework, and they’ll run in Stitch; check out the Singer Getting Started guide , and bring any questions you have to the Singer Slack group. You can also work with one of our implementation partners, which are experienced in building custom integrations for use with Stitch.

Thanks Brian. WorkFlowMax is the job costing system of Xero. It’s a very similar integration. It’s got 150,000 users I think and is for larger companies, eg: 30 people plus.